Unified Cloud Management Console

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The market today is saturated with numerous public cloud computing platforms, each with distinct processes and interfaces for account management, access control and performance reporting. Businesses that want to avoid the security risk of being locked-in to a single cloud vendor will thus find it extremely complex to manage their data and services across multiple cloud platforms.


DrooToo’s unified cloud management solution can integrate different infrastructure services from the major cloud vendors (AWS, Google and Microsoft) into a single management console. DrooToo’s platform is simple enough for non-technically savvy users to master, yet is powerful enough to effectively manage business-critical data and services across multiple distinct cloud environments.


DrooToo developed its proprietary technology with the help of an iJAM innovation grant from the Media Development Authority.  Its solution is now bundled into the infrastructure management hardware from a major IT OEM which sells these packages to enterprise customers across a range of industry verticals.


DrooToo is now raising a seed investment round to expand its product development and customer acquisition teams.

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