More Intelligent Hiring



Large companies are often flooded with resumes from job applicants. Sifting through these resumes to identify promising candidates to interview can be a burdensome task usually done in haste. However, if this critical screening step is not done efficiently and consistently, it will lead to suboptimal hiring decisions. Such wrong hiring judgements can have a severe impact on a company’s bottom line.


Ideatory’s Impress platform automates the screening and assessment of candidates using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chat interface. This chatbot can interview candidates over Skype, Messenger, Telegram or Slack and produce detailed metrics for each candidate as well as actionable aggregate analytics. Machine learning is utilised to improve the chatbot’s performance over time using hired candidates’ internal performance data. Impress can deliver a ten-fold improvement in the recruiting function’s efficiency and accuracy and also vastly improve a candidate’s initial job application experience.


Ideatory’s solutions are already being used by several leading companies to screen candidates for jobs including Citi in US; DBS, CapitaLand, UBS and Singtel in Singapore; as well as HDFC, MakeMyTrip and ZS Associates in India. Over 6,000 candidates have undergone Ideatory’s proprietary skills tests and the company has built a rich reference dataset of more than 20,000 candidate profiles. Ideatory has also secured an India-wide distribution partnership with the largest assessments provider in India. The company generated over USD 300,000 in revenue in 2015.


Ideatory is currently raising a seed investment round to accelerate its product development and expand its user base. Development efforts will focus on enhancing the platform’s skills graph and improving its machine learning capabilities. Marketing initiatives will aim at expanding direct sales and partnership channels in Singapore and India.

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