Real-time Workspace Analytics

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Many large global companies find it difficult to monitor whether they are using their office real-estate efficiently. Facilities managers generally rely on expensive, manual workspace utilization studies which can only provide snapshots of dated occupancy metrics. This often results in a sub-optimal provision of office space, particularly within organizations that practise hot-desking.


ProSpace has developed an integrated platform that enables the continuous capture and analysis of workspace utilization and behavioural data. The solution is built around connected sensors that can track occupancy of workstations and meeting rooms in an unobtrusive manner that protects individuals’ privacy. Smart data analytics and interactive dashboards then provide actionable insights to corporate facilities managers.

The ProSpace solution allows large organizations to effectively optimize their global workspace portfolios by reducing their data collection and planning cycles from 6 months to a mere 5 minutes. This can translate to significant real estate cost savings and improved employee engagement for these organizations.


ProSpace developed their prototype using iJAM grant funding from the Media Development Authority (MDA). Pilot installations of the ProSpace solution have been deployed in several MNCs in Singapore and Hong Kong since early-2016. ProSpace has recently secured a formal purchase order from a global consumer goods company for a multi-site, multi-country rollout of its platform.


ProSpace is seeking to raise pre-Series A funding to scale up its operations. The company aims to expand its customer base in the global business hub cities of Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo.

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