AI: The Game Changer

Up your innovation game with Artificial Intelligence

The NUS Data Analytics Consulting Centre is hosting a conference that brings together industry experts, researchers and educators to discuss how Artificial Intelligence is fundamentally disrupting all industry sectors and business models.

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Learn how to use rentable platforms to help you accomplish your dreams

Hemant Teneja believes the biggest entrepreneurial opportunities today involve unscaling business models and tailoring products & services for a market of one.  Unscaled companies rent critical knowhow, production capacity and market access from third-party platforms that aggregate capabilities in manufacturing, computing, logistics, business processes, etc. They can leverage these resources to successfully challenge scaled up incumbents by targeting narrow niche segments and serving their need more precisely and profitably.

Drawing on examples of upstarts like Stripe & Warby Parker that have used this unscaled model to upend the payment processing and eyewear industries, Taneja agues that similar upstarts will spread across all industries from Healthcare, through Education to Agriculture.  To survive this transformation, scaled up incumbents will have to transform into the dominant platform in key sections of the value chain.  

Just as Amazon has established AWS as the go-to cloud computing platform, there are opportunities to become the dominant rentable platform in areas such as energy generation, bespoke additive manufacturing, financial services, and healthcare provision to name a few. And much like in cloud computing where Amazon has established a formidable lead over competitors like Google, Microsoft and IBM, the platform game could well be a winner-takes-all proposition. Scaled-up incumbents will thus have to move fast to establish their platform credentials in their respective core sectors.

The unscaled economy will also present exciting new opportunities for resourceful entrepreneurs and innovative startups. Since you can rent scale rather than having to own it, innovative upstarts will be able to leverage the power of emerging technologies like AI, XR (Virtual & Augmented Reality) and the Blockchain to rapidly unbundle and remake whole industry segments. Taneja believes this unscaled model could even help solve some of the world’s pressing problems such as global warning and escalating healthcare costs.

Only time will tell if the rentable platform-as-a-service model will be as successful in other sectors as it has been in computing services. However, Taneja’s arguments are compelling and Unscaled is a must read for anyone contemplating the future or work & industry.

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